When This Is Over

Covid-19 is the only news anymore.

All of us have barely an ounce of energy or attention to entertain any other thought outside of our family and friend circles and the far-reaching impact of these strange, fearful days. We cling to every tidbit of positivity and good news we can find. But we are still entirely consumed by the gravity and heaviness around us.

So many… too many speculations.

When this is over, we will have a new normal.

Most have embraced the notion of New Normal… as if it were going to be the adjustment of wearing different colored socks… or rearranging the shelves in the refrigerator. We are resigned to the idea of New Normal changing some ways we live, move and breathe.

What about the other part… When This Is Over.

Consciously and subconsciously, we see this pandemic as finite. With a starting and ending time. A blip in the history of humanity. An anomaly represented by a spike on the evolutionary timeline.

We desperately want this to be true. We hope it is true.

But the reality is… this will never be over. This moment in time is profound upheaval and change. It never ends. It will never be over. Everything from here on out will be different. Everything. Forever.

In the same way that everything is different for a cancer survivor. Or the victim of natural disaster or abuse. For addicts and those who dare to publicly proclaim themselves to be different. The changes are permanent. Lasting. You can never go back to the way things were.

This is never over. We simply adapt and live in a New Normal.

When This Is Over is our coping mechanism… a security blanket to help us get through the most dis-comfortable days many of us have ever known.

When This Is Over is an anthem of hope… uniting us all in the strength to stand strong together and confront the fear of the unknown.

When This Is Over is a battle cry… launching us toward a future where we will be challenged to live and grow through deep change with grace and courage.

When This Is Over is our mantra of personal power… telling the world that I choose to walk a new path and embrace all the possibilities before me.

This never ends. It only continues. Everything changes.

Onward, Brave Voyager.