Teachers are struggling with remote learning as much as students are. They miss seeing and being with their kids in schools and classrooms. It’s just not the same, they say.

We’re all trying to make the most of these strange times and figuring out ways to continue learning, but honestly, most everyone wants to get back to the regular routine.

Here at CAL HQ, we took some time to chat with each of our instructors to give you an up-close and personal view from their sides of the computer screens, giving them an opportunity to send an encouraging message to students and families.

Click to hear Mikala!
CAL CEO Jess Buller talks with Mikala Fletcher from North Park Schools about the reality of remote learning for elementary students. The challenges of authentic connections through computer screens are hard for younger students, yet so very important to help maintain a sense of normalcy for them. Mikala misses her kids terribly and continues to give them hope.
Click to hear Taylor!
North Park Music teacher Taylor Davis talks about how his classes are continuing during this time of remote learning. Students are learning to record their practice and then submit online which helps ease the stress of live performance. Mr. Davis is pleased with their progress and hopes to keep using the recording practice even when schools reopen.

Jody Elston and Nate Tauer: Soroco Schools

Click to hear Jody and Nate!
Soroco Schools teachers, Jody Elston and Nate Tauer, share insights about how remote learning is going with their middle school and high school students. Even though social distancing and stay-at-home directives are in place, their students show strong coping mechanisms and are working through isolation with creative ideas.

Hannah Glines: West Grand Middle School

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West Grand Middle School teacher, Hannah Glines, shares her thoughts on how remote learning is working for sixth graders. She is focused on giving her students the best possible learning opportunities now and also on how these strange days will impact doing school in the future. Listen up as she talks about the changes we could all make in public education going forward based on the lessons we are learning today.

Andrew Mericle: West Grand Middle School

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West Grand Middle School teacher Andrew Mericle knows how challenging this remote learning time is for students and families. His focus remains on doing whatever he can to help students work through the stress and emotions of doing school at home. His advice to parents: Do the best you can!
Click to hear Jenn!
West Grand High School teacher, Jenn Stuart is missing the chemistry between her and students. For her, strong relationships are the key to making remote learning work. It’s much harder to reach individual students where they are when we cannot be together in the classroom. She has great hope that the lessons we learn today will pay off in the future.