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To Reach the Child Who Hungers for Purpose


Elaine Menardi

I have an engineer brain / a scientist heart / a tech-geek soul. I solve problems and make ideas happen.

If I were a super-hero I would be the Incredible Blur because I am always on the move. Which is good because I work with middle school students and they are always on the go too. We fit well together.

The world today is filled with new challenges that earlier generations never encountered. I am driven to do all I can to help young people succeed in an ever-evolving / always-changing / fast-moving future. This requires students to be creative problem-solvers who use design thinking skills to find answers.

I am married to a high school math teacher and we have two Millennial daughters who constantly challenge us to keep up. They show me every day that it takes grit / curiosity / design-thinking and a huge range of tech-skills to make it in this new global world.


Questions ping around my brain like pinballs. Email me if you have some answers:


I am a drummer, a teacher, a cynical idealist (or existential optimist…take your pick), a German speaker, and a principal. I love education. I love helping people define education for themselves.

I am a graduate. I have graduated from thinker to doer. From a wanter of change to an agent of change. We have a lot of problems in EdWorld, but I make an effort each and every day to approach them with “What If’s” instead of “Cant’s”.

I am ready to put the band back together–to dedicate my time and energy within as well as beyond the schoolhouse walls in order to  give students what they need.

My family is ultimately what motivates me. I have a wonderful accountant for a wife–while I dream about the answers, she’s busy crunching numbers–and four beautiful children. They drive me each and every day to bring my A-game to my work…my career…my calling.


Fortunately I always have a lot more questions than I do answers. Send me an email and we’ll have a virtual coffee chat: