The Paper Bridge Challenge

If you like to build things, this is the challenge for you! Let’s make a crazy-strong paper bridge!

Using regular-sized paper, your goal is to create a bridge that can hold the most weight. You can only use paper, but you are free to fold it, rip it, or cut it however you want.

Once your design is complete, set your bridge between two stacks of books and place as much weight on the bridge as it will hold. You will have to get creative with the weights… try using coins, or washers, or maybe even apples and oranges.

Be sure to take Before-and-After pictures and videos of the building and breaking of your bridge. We definitely want to see your engineering feats of strength and ingenuity.

Let us know how much weight your bridge was able to hold. If you don’t have a scale to measure, just tell us and show us what objects you placed on top. You might even win the Golden Hardhat award!